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DRE Group is a team of professional real estate agents, architects, and interior designers.
From acquisition to completion, our bundled services improve

residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.


Our team can help you purchase or sell a property, show architectural site plans and conceptual designs,

create construction documents, complete the submittal and plan check process with government agencies,

and even obtain building permits for you.


DRE Group’s rare combination of licensed professionals makes us different.
Ask us about how we can help with your real estate investment, renovation, or new development.



DRE Group is a team of professionals,​ founded to help provide our clients with bundled real estate services.  We help you find a property and give you the vision of what it could be. 

The founder started in the industry working for her father who owned a full service real estate brokerage, architecture, engineering, and construction firm. He worked on thousands of properties, including several notable mid-century, craftsman, contemporary, and hillside homes. DRE Group carries on that legacy today.

We are licensed in California and Utah, and collaborate with other professionals throughout the USA.

Visualize the Possibilities


DRE Group Inc. does so much more than a single licensed realtor can. For example, instead of just showing a property as is, we give buyers the vision of what it could be.

Our rare combination of licensing gives you an advantage when listing your property with our team. This is because even the nicest house is not exactly what a buyer wants. So we give advice realtors are not allowed to offer, such as architectural and structural recommendations. This shows buyers the potential of the property, even which walls can be removed.


And we do not want our sellers to pay tens of thousands for renovations that buyers may not like. Instead, we show upgrades to the property virtually.

Professional advice and bundled services saves our clients money too.  

We are a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

and National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA)

As design professionals we provide code-compliant, accessible, and creative living spaces.



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“I am a general contractor that has built a lot of homes over 30 years. In all that time, I have never had so many people walk through a house after it was framed and say wow, this is amazing! DRE Groups’ use of volume with a very functional design is one of the best I have ever built.”
Jason G.

“As a builder, I know less expensive plans usually cost more to build. I tell people to use DRE’s architect Cheryl DeMarco because her extensive knowledge of structure and design has saved more in construction cost than her architect fee.” 

Chris W.

“I hired DRE Group to sell my property because they were able to show buyer prospects the remodel possibilities and even created a digital version of our original floor plan! I really can't say enough about their ethics, partnership and dedication.”

Erik R.



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