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Renovate or Relocate

Experience the DRE Difference

DRE Group Inc. is a team of professional architects, interior designers, and real estate advisors. We advise clients on residential, commercial or mixed-use projects in ways no single licensed person can. 


We start by finding a property for you to build on or renovate. Then we identify the best use and help you visualize its potential. Because of our detailed studies of structure and design, we often save more in construction costs than our charge for plans and professional services. We can even include the selection of interior specifications such as fixtures, trim, cabinetry, and colors so you do not have to search for a separate interior designer.


From acquisition to completion of construction, our licensed professionals can guide you through all phases of your project:


  • Architectural Site Planning

  • Architectural Design

  • Structural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Construction Methods

  • Sustainable Materials

  • HOA Submittal

  • Permit Processing

  • Setbacks and Building Codes

  • Building Department Submittal

  • Government Agency Approvals

  • Property Values Before and After Construction

  • Real Estate Purchase or Sale

  • Property Searches


With our knowledge and experience, we provide a unique approach to the qualities of great architecture: A new or remodeled property with the best possible use of flow, form, function, views, and natural light.


DRE Group Inc.’s rare combination of licensed professionals is what makes us different. Contact us when you are ready to buy, build, renovate, or sell your real estate investment.

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Benefits of Dual Licensure: Welcome

Reasons to Relocate

  • Better Location or Lot Size.

  • More Square Footage

  • Closer to Family and Friends

  • No Construction

  • Move in Ready

Reasons to Renovate

  • Low Purchase Price.

  • Adding Square Footage

  • Opening Up the Floorplan

  • Stay in Neighborhood

  • Completed Home fits you


Experience the DRE Difference

Benefits of Dual Licensure: Text

“It has been a pleasure working with them. They was very helpful in providing design sense and ideas along with their architectural plans. In addition, they were very aware to the construction codes which made the process a lot easier. With the many design changes along the way, they were always happy and available to assist and make the changes as needed.”


“An absolute professional and an incredible individual to work with. They responded promptly to our pressing situation, delivered exactly what they said they would do. Their professionalism was outstanding. They are fair, easy to work and communicate with.”


“As an architect, they were able to show buyer prospects the remodel possibilities and even created a digital version of our original floor plan! I really can't say enough about their ethics, partnership and dedication.”


“As the architect for our project, we had a great experience with them and they were very helpful when it came to working with our General Contractor. Very responsive. We would definitely recommend them.”


“They were excited and involved as you would hope your architect would be, sharing our vision for our new home and helping us to achieve it. They were prompt and diligent in putting together our plans and presenting them for city approval. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”


“It was a pleasure to work with DRE Group! They are very attentive, honest, flexible and knowledgeable.”


“They are the greatest! Thanks for everything.”


“Since there is an architect on staff, they brings a knowledgeable perspective when analyzing the structure and layout of a property, along with potential possibilities or even potential challenges pertaining to a particular property. They are so supportive and caring throughout the entire process.”


“They were with us every step of the way from finding the perfect home to being our architect for the remodel. The complete package!”


“I have worked with them on numerous projects and can't say enough about their skills as an architect. They are very knowledgeable, thorough and timely. I will definitely be using them in the future and highly recommend their services.”


“They are thorough, and theirknowledge in both architecture and real estate make for an excellent pairing of skills.”


Benefits of Dual Licensure: Testimonials
Benefits of Dual Licensure: Contact
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